Dear sisters and brothers, we realise the importance of light when we see darkness. We realise the importance of our voice when we are silenced. In the same way, when we were in Swat, the north of Pakistan, we realised the importance of pens and books when we saw the guns.


The wise saying, “The pen is mightier than sword” was true. The extremists are afraid of books and pens. The power of education frightens them. They are afraid of women. The power of the voice of women frightens them.


And that is why they killed 14 innocent medical students in the recent attack in Quetta. And that is why they killed many female teachers and polio workers in Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa and FATA.

だから彼らは、先日クエッタを攻撃したとき、14人の罪のない医学生を殺したのです。 だから彼らは、多くの女性教師や、カイバル・パクトゥンクワやFATA(連邦直轄部族地域/パキスタン北西部国境地帯)にいるポリオの研究者たちを殺害したのです。

That is why they are blasting schools every day. Because they were and they are afraid of change, afraid of the equality that we will bring into our society.


I remember that there was a boy in our school who was asked by a journalist, “Why are the Taliban against education?” He answered very simply. By pointing to his book he said, “A Talib doesn’t know what is written inside this book.”


They think that God is a tiny, little conservative being who would send girls to the hell just because of going to school. The terrorists are misusing the name of Islam and Pashtun society for their own personal benefits.


Pakistan is peace-loving democratic country. Pashtuns want education for their daughters and sons. And Islam is a religion of peace, humanity and brotherhood. Islam says that it is not only each child’s right to get education, rather it is their duty and responsibility.


Honourable Secretary General, peace is necessary for education. In many parts of the world especially Pakistan and Afghanistan; terrorism, wars and conflicts stop children to go to their schools. We are really tired of these wars.


Women and children are suffering in many parts of the world in many ways. In India, innocent and poor children are victims of child labour. Many schools have been destroyed in Nigeria. People in Afghanistan have been affected by the hurdles of extremism for decades.

女性と子どもは、世界の多くの場所で、さまざまな形で、被害を受けています。 インドでは、純真で恵まれない子どもたちが児童労働の犠牲者となっています。ナイジェリアでは多くの学校が破壊されています。アフガニスタンでは人々が過激派の妨害に長年苦しめられています。

Young girls have to do domestic child labour and are forced to get married at early age. Poverty, ignorance, injustice, racism and the deprivation of basic rights are the main problems faced by both men and women.

幼い少女は家で労働をさせられ、低年齢での結婚を強要されます。 貧困、無学、不正、人種差別、そして基本的権利の剥奪――これらが、男女共に直面している主な問題なのです。

Dear fellows, today I am focusing on women’s rights and girls’ education because they are suffering the most. There was a time when women social activists asked men to stand up for their rights.


But, this time, we will do it by ourselves. I am not telling men to step away from speaking for women’s rights rather I am focusing on women to be independent to fight for themselves.



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