At the end, I would like to share with you that I had a phone call with honorable Kailash. I cannot pronounce his surname accurately. So I ask for forgiveness for that. I’ll just call him Kailash if he wouldn’t mind.


So I had a phone call with him right now, and we both talked about how important it is that every child goes to school and every child gets quality education. And how many issues there are that the children are suffering but not yet highlighted. So we both decided that we will work together for this cause that every child gets quality education and doesn’t suffer from these issues.


Other than that, we also decided, as he’s from India and I’m from Pakistan, we will try to build strong relationships between India and Pakistan. And nowadays, there is tension on the border, and the situation is getting … it is not like as we are expecting. We want Pakistan and India to have good relationships. The tension that is going on is really disappointing. And I am really sad


because I want both the countries to have dialogue, to have talks about peace and to think about progress, to think about development rather than fighting with each other. It’s important that both the countries focus more on education, focus more on development and progress, which is good for both of them.


So we both decided, I requested him that would it be possible that he request his honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to join us when we receive the Nobel Peace Prize in December,


and I promised him that I would also requested the honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, to join us when I get, and he gets the Nobel Peace Prize.

And I myself request the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and honorable Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that they both join us when we receive the Nobel Peace Prize.


I really believe in peace, I really believe in tolerance and patience. And it is very important for the progress of both the countries that they have peace, and that they have good relationships. This is how they are going to achieve success, and this is how they are going to progress. So it is my humble request, and I hope it will be heard, it will be listened to.


At the end, I want to say I am really happy for your support. I used to say that I think I do not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. I still believe that.But I believe that it is not only an award for what I’ve done. It is also an encouragement for giving me hope, for giving me the courage to go and continue this campaign,


to believe in myself and to know that I am not alone. There are hundreds and thousands and millions who are supporting me.


So once again, thank you so much to all of you. Thank you.








2013年のマララユスフザイさんの有名な国連演説のスピーチ”one pen one book can chanege the world”を、英語の全文と日本語対訳つき



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